I’m RieBird,
and this is my bakery!

After developing several food allergies in my late teens, I found that I suddenly couldn’t eat any of the sweets and treats I used to love. Wheat, the main ingredient in common flour, was suddenly off the table and I couldn’t find anything that was reminiscent of regular gluten filled foods. I started experimenting with gluten free baking ( thanks to my family for being my taste testers through the good and the bad) and found a rhythm! Now the treats I missed so much were a possibility, and I wanted to share them with all others like me who missed all of the delicious treats this world has to offer. Don’t worry, my treats are for everybody! I’m here to tailor your gluten free dessert experience directly to you. If there are flavors and desserts you want but don’t see on our menu, tell us and we can make it happen. Now the big question...why are we called Bird’s Bakery? Well, if you ever meet my mama, be sure to ask her.

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